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Expo: All Numbers End

Expo: All Numbers End
'Inframince Landscape' Bld Yisu Kim

M.ART.EX., in collaboration with Frank Taal Galerie presents the duo solo exhibition 'All Numbers End' with Yisu Kim and Isabelle Borges.

M.ART.EX. (Mural Art Exchange) is part of Murals Inc. and initiator of an exchange program between Korea and the Netherlands. For seven years, exhibitions of Korean and Dutch artists have reciprocally taken place at various selected venues and galleries.

In 2019 a successful solo exhibition of Ja-Hyuk Yim took place at Frank Taal Gallery.

On Saturday, October 22, 2022, there will be a duo exhibition   in the same gallery where the Korean Yisu Kim and Brazilian   Isabelle Borges, in collaboration, will transform the gallery into                                                       a place where 'All numbers End.'

Yisu Kim (Korea, 1974) lives and works in Seoul.

Yisu Kim is touched by the visual power of sunsets, 'an area where second and third dimensions meet.' It tells her about boundaries that do not exist, 'infra-thin' as Marcel Duchamp described this state. When she looks at a sunset, she sees beyond the boundary of time and space, the space you enter when numbers no longer matter and space becomes unnameable but only expresses the rise and fall of everything.

Isabelle Borges (Brazil, 1966) lives and works in Berlin and Rotterdam.

Influenced by Brazilian modern architecture and Bauhaus, Isabelle Borges creates large-scale (wall-) drawings that, with their colored lines, conceive open geometric pictorial spaces.

In her primarily abstract works, Isabelle Borges explores patterns and structures she encounters in the visible world. Her primary focus is on the geometry of the spaces between things and the resulting spatial dynamics.

Spatial illusion and the flatness of shapes are in constant interplay in her oeuvre. Forms are not constructed out of purely pictorial elements. Seemingly random structures often inspire Borges she chances upon in the urban environment, in nature or the mass media. The range of her work is broad, both in its aesthetic and content, encompassing historical allusions, perceptual experiments, discursive interrogations, and purely subjective approaches.

Van 22 oktober 2022 00.00 uur tot 27 november 2022 00.00 uur
Frank Taal Galerie
+31 6 41 40 09 27
Van Speykstraat 129
3014 VH Rotterdam

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