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Songfestival: Open Up to Human Rights

Songfestival: Open Up to Human Rights

An international human rights conference focused on the LGBTI+ community in Europe
Rotterdam is Opening Up. Opening Up to diversity, music, entertainment and Eurovision fans. In the spirit of opening up to others Dona Daria and Arminius are opening up to human rights. In this international human rights program we welcome ILGA Europe and Amnesty International to talk about the rights and position of the LGBTI+ community in Europe. 
In the history of Eurovision we have seen progress been made and progress being lost within the participating countries. When it comes to the rights concerning sexual- and gender diversity we want Europe to shine a light on the community that makes up such a big part of the Eurovision fanbase. We have seen rainbowflags being banned in the audience and some participating countries have LGBTI+ free zones and put LGBTI+ activists on trial and in jail.
Together with our friends and partners we will dive into the European context of LGBTI+ rights, what countries can learn from eachother’s best practices and what LGBTI+ activism means in different contexts. The program will consist of a main program with talks and Eurovision intermezzo’s and a break-out room program to meet, connect and learn.
We hope to welcome you to join us May 13th so together we can open up to human rights. 

Main program

19:00 welcome by the hosts
19:05 Key-note ILGA Europe
From LGBT Free zones to LGBT Freedom zones. What can we learn from the current
leaders in LGBT emancipation throughout Europe.
19:25 short intermezzo
19:30 Interview of talk Amnesty International
What is the current situation in Poland and how can we support local activists.
19:50   short intermezzo
19:55   introduction to the break-out rooms
20.00 start break-out rooms
20:55   end of the break-out sessions and round up

This program is organized by Dona Daria and Arminius. 

12 mei 2021 van 19.00 tot 21.00 uur

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