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Roodkapje’s HCA and HCL instigate Once Upon a Time… Hamburger Community

Roodkapje’s HCA and HCL instigate Once Upon a Time… Hamburger Community
How to Horse Yourself with Fae van Venetieën Afb. Roodkapje


Directly inspired by the work and practice of Hamburger Community artist Danielle Hoogendoorn, Roodkapje’s HCA and HCL instigate Once Upon a Time… their second collaborative program. Both as a painter and (ceramic) sculptor, animals and stories involving animal play an important role in her work. Working from association, she tries to push the boundaries between art and kitsch. Therefore, Once Upon a Time… is concentrated on the fairy tale as a fantastic (narrative) construction and how fairy tale stories and aesthetics play a role in our lives. Let the enchantment begin!




May 28th: TUTORIAL | How to Horse Yourself with Fae van Venetieën 

Online Tutorial | FREE
Available on Hamburger.Community 

In the wonderous world of Once Upon a Time…, horses have a special place. Make-up artist Fae van Venetieën will help you to bring out the horse in yourself, and will teach you how to horse yourself. With  just a few brushes and three colours of make-up you will transform into the horse you always wanted to be! 

Fae van Venetiën (FAE) is a certified MUA and drag artist. Graduated as an allround makeup artist from B-Academy in 2019, she's remained doing makeup for others and herself. Ranging from drag to editorial, makeup has been her biggest passion for as long as she can remember. Although her heart lies within the extreme, obscure and creative, and most importantly: drag. She is inspired and driven by the art of transformation, creativity and living a certain fantasy.





May 31st: ROODKAPJE RADIO | Podcast pt. 3: Once Upon a Time... in the patriarchy
Monday, May 31st, 15:00 - 17:00
This podcast is broadcasted on Operator Radio and made available online afterwards 

Inspired by the topics in our program Once Upon a Time… this edition of Roodkapje Radio dives deeper into the influences and impact of pregnancy and motherhood on the careers, work and life of professional artists. Lead by moderator (and mother) Dagmar Veenstra, artists and mothers Charlien Adriaenssens, Priscila Fernandes, and Weronika Zielinska will discuss their experiences, choices, and perspectives on pregnancy, combining motherhood with a career in art, and the influence of raising a family on making and showing art. In the second half of the podcast, Sanne Nout from Mom Inc., platform for mothers on combining motherhood with working, will join the conversation to further discuss how the (art)world can offer a better support structure for artists who combine, or are looking to combine, motherhood with a professional practice in the future. 

With Dagmar Veenstra (moderator), Charlien Adriaenssens, Priscila Fernandes, Weronika Zielinska, and Sanne Nout. 



June 3rd: LECTURE | Building Multiple Plots and Keeping Track(s), an interactive fiction lecture by Tommy Ventevogel

Thursday, June 3rd, 20:00 - 21:30 
ZOOM Lecture, Tickets: € 4,00 

What happens when you let your text grow wild? How do you deal with input from the crowd, from stakeholders and from your own impulses? Is the end of “killing your darlings” and what are the consequences?! 
In this lecture, writer Tommy Ventevogel will go into writing interactive fiction, game-scripts, rhizomatic writing and exploring techniques to keep track there. We discuss meaning, worldview(s) and next level authorship (or the abandonment of authorship). Let’s build! 

This lecture is accessible through Zoom. After you’ve purchased a ticket, you will be sent a link to the meeting and the password. 

Tommy Ventevogel writes for theatre, games and graphic novels. He is known for the mixture of modern expressionism with sci-fi and hip-hop culture in his writing. In 2012 he graduated Writing for Performance (HKU) and has been building worlds ever since. Tommy also hosted a course in Sci-Fi & Fantasy writing at SKVR recently and is always ready to talk metamodernism, spindoctoring politics and mastering "gezelligheid".



June 12th: WORKSHOP | Once Upon a Time… Quilting Workshop with
Danielle Hoogendoorn & Isa Gaastra 

Saturday, June 12th, 11:00 - 17:00 
Live Workshop, with lunch by Burgertrut
Tickets: 15 euro’s, including lunch (vegan) 
Please note: there is a maximum of 15 participants to this workshop

Following the topics of Once Upon a Time… HCA-artist Danielle Hoogendoorn and quilt-expert Isa Gaastra, will introduce you into the art of quilting and telling stories in fabric. In the first part Danielle will take you into her practice, her process of picking and creating characters, and will help you and other participants to collectively build a story. 
In the second part, after a vegan lunch provided by Burgertrut chef Paul Smullenberg, Isa Gaastra will further introduce the art of quilting. Together with Isa, Danielle, and other participants you will create a story and tell it together making a community quilt that will be exhibited in Roodkapje! 

This workshop is open to anyone, regardless of previous experience with quilting. Materials will be provided by Roodkapje.

By organising community-quilt moments, Isa Gaastra tries to honour the collaborative and social history of quilting. In her work she makes use of the fact that when one is creating with their hands, sharing intimate feelings and vulnerability becomes easier. Her background in Illustrations helps to prioritise the storytelling aspect of these moments, which results in fabric pieces that tell stories of community and togetherness. The final quilt is merely a documentation of the actual artwork, which is the moment of connection during the process.
Danielle Hoogendoorn works impulsively and associative, and so is her use of materials. Based on her experiences, she tells her stories portrayed by her favourite animals. Animals play and important role in her life and work. They are a means to see how far she can go before the border between art and kitsch is crossed. Even though Daniëlle’s work appears sweet and girly at first sight, things are not always as peaceful as they seem. Through her direct approach she tries to take the formal character of painting and the museum’s white wall out of account, looking to redefine these existing conventions with banality and humour.



 May 29th: GEO GAME: EARTHRISE × Zhōuwéi Network

**EARTHRISE × Zhōuwéi Network**
A Hybrid Reality Game
May 29th | FREE 

Something is rising in the midst of the city surrounding us. In between the many microcosms of the infinitely unfinished city of Rotterdam, three potential futures are emerging in the nebulous atmosphere. A city mirroring a constant construction site opens up doorways to realities close enough to sense. The realities of the year 2041. 

In a game of chance, players are led to a series of geographical locations, to try and unlock artefacts of the societies of Zhōuwéi Network. In the form of an ephemeral soundscape, EARTHRISE infiltrates your perception of the changing sceneries you find yourself in as you follow the directions of the game makers. As you surrender to the game, your destined path will unravel before you. Do you feel at home in your own reality? What about the one you are moving towards?

*Zhōuwéi Network is a worldbuilding research umbrella that explores the design of affective undertones in different speculative future societies, in dialogue with currently emerging technocultural developments. The fiction series ‘Embodied ambitopias’ (2021) zooms in on hypothetical mind-body exercises, combined with speculative interfaces and contrasting rhetorics to shed light on the differences, as well as the occasional similarities, between the three worlds.

Liminal Vision is a creative collaboration between Victor Evink (s x m b r a) and Emilia Tapprest ( Their project Zhouwéi Network is currently showcased at Zero Emissions by 2099, in MAMA, curated by Mary Ponomareva.

With contributions by Gill Baldwin, Camilo García Aycardi & Federico Poni. Produced by Erik Peters, Ruta Genyte & Louisa Teichmann in collaboration with MAMA and Mary Ponomareva.*






Van 27 mei 2021 12.00 uur tot 13 juni 2021 17.00 uur
Delftseplein 39
3013 AA Rotterdam

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