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'Contralto' Delphine Galou

Mattheüs Passion: Erbarme dich, mein Gott

10 april 2020 (de redactie)

Mag natuurlijk niet ontbreken met Pasen, ook niet op deze site. De aria Erbarme dich, mein Gott uit de Mattheüs Passion van Johann Sebastian Bach. Hier gezongen door Delphine Galou, dirigent François-Xavier Roth.

Een bewonderaar schrijft op YouTube: What makes this so perfect is that its actually interpreted correctly in the Baroque style. Not a ton of vibrato in either the vocalist or the orchestra. Melodies, harmonies and counterpoint perfectly balanced with a PURE tone, simply played and sung. And good LORD Delphine Galou has the voice of an angel. Her voice is SO round and full without being strained AT ALL. She maintains such perfect tone without covering it up with so much vibrato we see creeping in during the on coming Classical periods. Perfect balance between straight pure tones and vibrato. Her tone is SO fat you could land a 747 in it!


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