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'Why We Must #DeGender Fashion'

23 maart 2021
Van dinsdag 23 maart 2021 tot en met dinsdag 23 maart 2021
Van 18:30 uur tot en met 20:00 uur

Whataboutery 04:
'Why We Must #DeGender Fashion'

Tuesday March 23rd
18:30 - 20:00 (CET)
Live streaming event
Hosted by The Impact Hub Amsterdam

On Tuesday March 23rd, State of Fashion organises the final online event of the program 'This is an Intervention'. Join guest-editor ALOK for Whataboutery 04: 'Why we must #DeGender Fashion'. Together with Becca McCharen-Tran, founder of the body-wear brand Chromat, they will dive into why we need to eliminate the old-fashion gender binary. Why has fashion, a site of rampant possibility, experimentation, and infinite transformation, been weaponized in the service of visualizing (and romanticizing) the division of billions of complex people into one of two genders? What are ways to release and turn this around?

"In an industry still fixated on traditional gender norms, Chromat has emerged as a visionary leader in designing garments for all bodies. Not only do they continually cast trans and gender non-conforming models and talent, they also take public stances in support of trans and intersex rights. They present a viable alternative of the role of fashion in society." - ALOK

During this Whataboutery, ALOK will elaborate on their longread and contextualize how cross-dressing laws still structure our aesthetic, social, and political imagination. For as long as fashion has been gendered due to these laws, there have been people resisting it.

Why is this resistance so important and how do we #DeGender fashion? Let's together make a case for the release of these constructs and create a world that is humane for, and to all.

Join us for this conversation!

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