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V2_Klub: the Online Edition

12 mei 2021
Van woensdag 12 mei 2021 tot en met woensdag 12 mei 2021
Van 21:00 uur tot en met 22:30 uur

V2_Klub presents an experimental online live experience featuring one musician and visuals by four different artists.

May 12 // 21h - 22:30h

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During a musical performance by Marie streamed live from the V2_ Ground Floor , four artists will interact with the music by creating visuals and streaming them from their homes and studios, generating a unique audiovisual collaboration without any of the participants having to share the same space. We invite audience members to join via Zoom and create their own unique experiences.


This event will take place on Wednesday May 12 from 9 to 10:30 pm Dutch time. It will be held online via Zoom. Get your ticket here. You will receive a link on the day of the event.


Marie comes from a classical background, but while she always tries to tell a story through her music, she simultaneously seeks to create an energy that makes people want to move. Her diverse live and DJ sets show her multifaceted creativity and are always dynamic, funky and dance-oriented. Marie believes dancing is therapeutic for the soul, so get off your chair and join us for a 90-minute leg-shaking therapy session as she takes us on a journey from ambient dreamscapes to block-rocking beats. 







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