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THICKET: INTERACTIVE INSTALLATION – by Francesco Zedde (Open 13 - 17 SEP)

13 september 2020
Van zondag 13 september 2020 tot en met donderdag 17 september 2020
Van 19:30 uur tot en met 20:30 uur

WORM Piratebay welcomes you to an interactive sound and light installation by Italian artist Francesco Zedde.

Walkthrough a forest made out of mini radios, each of the dozens of devices mimics an intricate sound that you would normally hear in nature. The same as in the wild, the soundscape changes with the progression of the day.

With light transitions, Zedde has created an artificial day cycle to which the forest reacts. The way you move through this hyper universe also influences the soundscape.

We recommend staying in THICKET for a longer period of time, so, you can experience the nuances and contrasts in the installation. So come by and make a listening session out of it!

The show is open from 13th – 17th September so you are welcome to visit multiple times!

It is a FREE entrance.

The artist will be present on the opening, so come by and have a drink with us!

All covid regulations will be followed.








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