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Roffa Mon Amour Filmfest

12 augustus 2020
Van woensdag 12 augustus 2020 tot en met zaterdag 15 augustus 2020
Van 21:30 uur tot en met 12:00 uur

Wednesday, Roffa opens with The Trouble with Being Born (2020) by Sandra Wollner, a film we watched at Berlinale 2020 this year. It immediately gained status as one of the most provocative, disturbing films of 2020. We are so proud to give it its first stage in The Netherlands.  

Thursday, we screen the widely celebrated beautiful LA Rebellion film Killer of Sheep (1978) by Charles Burnett in our special program Colourful Shades of Black. 

Over the weekend we connect a New Maker to an older film. We screen Pari (2020) on Friday in which the Iranian mother Pari searches for her lost son in the dark edges of the city Athens and on Saturday Incendies (2010) in which the twins Jeanne and Simon travel to the Middle-East to search for their father and brother. 

All the films start at 21:30 sharp! 

Furthermore we like to inform you that if you bought a ticket we will send you an email with more information 2 hours before the screening. Check our FAQ if you have any questions before. 







Roffa Mon Amour

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