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26 februari 2021
Van vrijdag 26 februari 2021 tot en met zaterdag 27 februari 2021
Van 12:00 uur tot en met 17:00 uur

MINI-ICAF 2021 ROTTERDAM SINGAPORE! Join our virtual adventure!  
MINI – ICAF is a two-day event on February 26 and 27. In a relaxed lounge setting and sometimes literally from our own living rooms, we welcome you to our ICAF studio in Rotterdam and Singapore. From these locations we connect with guests and colleagues in other places in the world. We are delighted that our colleagues from Drama Box in Singapore have agreed to join us on this adventure as the very first international ICAF Hub in the world outside Rotterdam.

Explore the programme and register for workshops!
From in-depth conversations and dance & film workshops to a community arts performance fully created on ZOOM: you can explore the full programme here. Almost everything will be broadcasted live on VIMEO, Facebook and/or Youtube (depending on the programme-item).

How does attending our MINI-ICAF work?
There are two ways of attending the festival: as an observer/audience member through livestream and/or as a ZOOM participant. To watch the livestream you don’t have to register. To participate in a ZOOM workshop you do need to register (there is a limited capacity, so make sure you register on time!)

Prepare yourself for a digital experience in which we will do everything we can to inject the warmth that we normally generate ‘live’ at a regular ICAF, as if we were visiting you straight into your living room…







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