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14 augustus 2021
Van zaterdag 14 augustus 2021 tot en met zondag 15 augustus 2021
Van 23:00 uur tot en met 05:00 uur

After 18 hard months of waiting, it’s finaly time to stack up our expanded soundsystem on the dancefloor and let her roaaaaar like a Lion! Give thanks and praises.

To celebrate this reunition with all of you beautiful people, we invited the perfect crew to restore the balance of last year. We met these awesome guys on Reggae Jam 2019 and they impressed us completely! Armed with their own amazing productions they mashed up the dancefloor for real! So now, for the first time in Holland, we present you the booming dreadlock warriors from Germany: TOROKI AND ISAYAH!

To complete our session this young and talented producer and chanter will be musically supported by the fluteplayer PIYAZAWA. Fortunated to play different styles of music, PIYAZAWA plays her dubs unexpected and meditational, and her sound forms a perfect contrast with the heavy sound of Toroki.

Of course, as a crew we moved forward during the lockdown. So on the 14th of August we will bring even more handbuild speakerboxes than before as well as lots of new tunes to celebrate love and life.  

Let the bass rise again and the people shine of thankfulness for Jah protection. See ya all in the dance again!

One love, Masego Soundystem.

Entrance rules:

This is a show with no distancing. You need to show a DUTCH Testen Voor Toegang QR code to enter.  

Documents you need to show at the door:  * Tickets for the event

* ID/ Passport  * QR code   How?   Download the NL CoronaCheck app and / or check https://www.testenvoortoegang.org/.

If you have no smartphone or problems downloading: Print off your QR code. Go to https://coronacheck.nl/en/print/. Follow procedure.


* The QR code you show HAS to be via the Dutch https://www.testenvoortoegang.org/. No other EU / EEA / European QR codes apply.

* You need to show the actual QR code.   * Confirmation emails are NOT valid for entry.  * TIP! If you show a printed QR code, do NOT fold it!








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