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PINPIN: La Galeria & More Happiness Inside Jaime Levinas (NL/Argentina) & Livia Huang (USA)

PINPIN: La Galeria & More Happiness Inside Jaime Levinas (NL/Argentina) & Livia Huang (USA)
Bld. Jaime Levinas (NL/Argentina) and Livia Huang (USA) courtesy Joey Ramone

JOEY RAMONE is pleased to present the work of Jaime Levinas (NL/Argentina) and Livia Huang (USA) in their 1st solo exhibition in The Netherlands, entitled PINIPIN: La Galeria and Happiness Inside respectively. Their work will develop as two individual installations departing from their latest films and taking the idea of expanded cinema to the gallery floor. Both artists are selected for the Short & Mid-length section of the International Film Festival Rotterdam taking place between 2 - 6 June 2021. The selection celebrates the programme’s focus on artists’ moving image and experimental film that foreground storytelling to speak to the most urgent challenges, topics and opportunities of our times. Their presentation at the gallery will focus on different aspects of their themes and psychology of their characters and will expand to spatial storytelling. The exhibition, which will be part of Brussels Art Week and Art Rotterdam Week will run from 2 June to 3 July 2021 and will mark the end of the season.   

Life is subtle. Sometimes.

If one listens to the hidden message, these works might whisper it to you. Their narratives derive from familial conversations. Where confidentiality and trust express a bond. 

What are we preserving when we keep secrets? What do we win when we tell others? Sometimes it can be a sense of selfhood in opposition to a society that does not see you as fully human. Opacity, elision and fragmentation can thus become strategies of resistance and protection. 

These works rely upon the documentation of something that should have never been recorded or documented. Something that was meant to be ephemeral and passing yet has gotten the power of changing the lives they touch. 

It is precisely here, where it becomes hard to see what truly is important and what isn’t. The drawings remind us of the pictures on our phone. The ones that we take in order to flip through them later but get buried among thousands of others. Or the moments that emerge as memories of places we have been so many times. These memory-images are singular flashes, like days in a week with no continuity or sequence between them. 

Still, they represent the cyclical nature of our longing to the times we cherish most. 

Text by Jaime Levinas & Livia Huang

Jaime Levinas (1991) is an Argentinean-Dutch film director and audiovisual artist currently based in Rotterdam. His films have screened at Clermont-Ferrand, IFFR, Maryland, BAFICI and more. 


Livia Huang (1990) is a Chinese-American film director from Baltimore, currently based in Brooklyn. Her films have screened at Berlinale, IFFR, New Directors/New Films and more.

Van 3 juni 2021 12.00 uur tot 3 juli 2021 17.00 uur
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