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V2 exibition: To Mind is to Care

V2 exibition: To Mind is to Care

To Mind is to Care - Exhibition

December 11 - January 10
V2_, Eendrachtsstraat 10, Rotterdam

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The group exhibition 'To Mind Is To Care' focuses on the act of caring-for. The featured works by invited artists look at how we take care of other people, other life forms and technology.


Featured Artists

Ana María Gómez López
Driessens & Verstappen
Nathalie Gebert


Dates: 11/12/2020 - 10/01/2020
Opening: 11/12/2020

Opening Hours:
Every Tuesday – Sunday, 12:00h – 17:00h (excluding holidays)
Also open during Kunstavond.

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To Mind Is To Care is an interdisciplinary study of care, defined as everything we do to maintain and restore our world so that we can live in it to the best of our ability. This world encompasses our bodies, our selves and our environment, which we all try to weave into a complex and sustainable web (Bernice Fisher and Joan Tronto). The exhibition centres on Ellen Dissanayake’s argument that things we do not take care of lose our attention and are therefore get forgotten. According to Dissanayake, art plays a necessary role in directing our attention towards things that are important or should be considered important. Artists do this by "taking care of" these things through their motivation, planning, dedication, strength, persistence, skills and patience.

The exhibition focuses on this caring-for by inviting artists to realize their contributions over the exhibition period and make the public a part of their processes of caring for the works. The show focuses on taking care of people, other life forms and technology. The actions performed by the artists in their processes continuously lead to visible differences in the works over time. The results of these actions offer insight into what caring-for in the practice of artists means and how they use it to investigate care themselves. They provide insights into the preconditions for taking care of something or someone, but they also, for example, reflect on how we care for our technology and how it, in turn, can provide for people. In contrast to other exhibitions, To Mind Is To Care will only be “finished” at the finissage, when all the artworks are completed with care.

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The activities at V2_ are made possible thanks to financial support from the Creative Industries Fund NL, and the City of Rotterdam.

Van 11 december 2020 14.00 uur tot 10 januari 2021 17.00 uur
V2_Lab for the Unstable Media
+31 10 2067272
Eendrachtsstraat 10
3012 XL Rotterdam

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