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Disco Inferno

Disco Inferno

​Disco Inferno’ is a never-ending Gesamtkunstwerk that is constantly evolving: it’s latest development is The Engineer's Bedroom or 'Joep's underbelly’ which will open to the public June 22nd. Alongside the opening it will also be the last weekend of Medizinische Psychologische Untersuchung by Felix Burger. ​

This addition to the installation is where the engineer of ‘Disco Inferno’ becomes one with his work, where he lives and sits at his drawing board and creates in his workshop to build his dreams. This ‘‘underbelly’’ is equipped with brand new, cheap Chinese tools, still in it’s package, and marching soldiers from the same country. Adjacent is a state-of-the-art laboratory fully equipped to grow medicinal mushrooms, to create tinctures, pills and healing ointments. This is the engineers sacred dream space that includes a video-cage-bed with images of his demolition activities.

The evening will be packed with performances and music.

Program Saturday 22nd:

19:00 - Walk-in, Keileweg 10b
19:30 - Opening word by Sanne ten Brink, director Brutus
19:40 - Soccer training by Otakar Skala and Felix Burger    
20:00 - Opening The Engineer’s Bedroom
21:00 - Performance The Awkward Hug

A spectacular “art sale” in which all the works of Felix Burger can be purchased by the public, from large installations to the small and individual.

The Brutus Bar is open the whole evening.

Program Sunday 23rd:
Last day Medizinische Psychologische Untersuchung by Felix Burger and Devo(lu)tion by Marcos Kueh and Emmy van de Grift 12.00 - 18.00.

To learn more about ‘Disco Inferno’ check out Hans den Hartog Jager’s article in the NRC or the Brutus website.


Keileweg 10, 3029 BS, Rotterdam

Opening hours

Thursday - Sunday: 12:00h - 18:00h

Van 22 juni 2024 19.00 uur tot 23 juni 2024 23.00 uur

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